Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shrimp in Herb Tomatillo Sauce

After a long break, I realized I was losing track of all the recipes I loved. The following recipe is evidence of my love of trying something new and immediately forgetting about it.

I decided to change the format of the blog a bit since really I am restarting it for selfish reasons, as a way to keep track of everything I want to do, did and changed, and didn't like. Links are posted to recipes with any changes listed below the link. Also, D is potentially going back to school next year so I am starting to collect cheaper recipes. Our food bill is out of control...

Last night we made: Shrimp in Tomatillo Herb Sauce

Changes: Divine. Would not change a thing although I probably added more oil than it called for...didn't really measure that bit.

Ways to make it cheaper: make it when your herb garden is at full bloom and use white beans. The first time we made it, I used white beans. I thought it was amazing, but I should add that I am obsessed with white beans. If you use white beans, I recommend starting with the dry version since the canned ones are often falling apart. Six months after using beans, turns out Maine shrimp are in season, so we picked some of those up at the winter farmer's market and my internet search for good shrimp recipes lead me back to this recipe.